Thursday, November 11, 2010

Please check out the Way of the Master/LivingWaters ministry!

WOW! My spiritual life has been SO BLESSED as a result of finding the Way of the Master/Living Waters ministry. I'll give you some hyperlinks to click in a minute but I want you to keep reading for now. I always felt that the COC's approach to the Gospel was lacking. In fact, it was a type of religion that was almost devoid of the Gospel. Yes we held Gospel Meetings and attended the Gospel Meetings of others, but hardly ever was their a real emphasis placed on taking the Gospel OUTSIDE THE BUILDING to a lost and sinful world. Jesus said that his disciples would be "fishers of men" (Mark 1:17), but it seemed like we were waiting for the fish to jump into the boat. What did Jesus and the Apostles do? Is that how the Christians in the New Testament evangelized?

Furthermore, when I would share my faith I found myself spending more time talking about what made our group different from all the other groups as opposed to preaching Jesus Christ and Him crucified. I used to joke that our preacher had one sermon and that he simply changed the introduction and closing each week. Why? Because we spent more time talking about ourselves and our uniqueness then Jesus and the Gospel. It was like the outdoor, open air, public square preaching of the Gospel was something that was meant for the NT days but really wasn't a part of Christendom today. Brethren if these words describe you, repent TODAY and let's get back to NT Christianity.

I know you don't know me, but I am sincerely concerned for you and your soul. Whether you are a new Christian, an Elder of a church, a pastor, or a Pope I beg you to listen to the audio messages that are linked to below. They will help you to cut through all the religious noise out there and will concisely and succinctly show you what the Gospel really is. You will understand the Scriptures in a whole new light and finally it will all make sense.

We must truly understand the Law-Gospel relationship. It is imperative for our own salvation and for our ability to share the true, Biblical Gospel with others. Please don't let anything prevent you from listening to the messages below.

I'll put these in a listening order that might help:

Start here: Hell's Best Kept Secret

Then go here and listen to the audio messages on this page by Ray Comfort.

Check out If you want more audio you can go to iTunes and search for Way of the Master Radio or simply do a Google search for Way of the Master Radio.

Whatever you do be sure to check out Todd Friel of Wretched Radio and Wretched TV here. It's a cross between Jay Leno and the 700 Club - but better theology all around!

God Bless!